getlist question

Froilan Mendoza froilanmendoza at
Wed Sep 26 21:31:13 UTC 2001

At 04:45 PM 9/18/2001 -0400, Jeffrey M. Vinocur wrote:

>getlist is not the way to get a feed.  If you control the other server (or
>can ask the people who do), set it up to feed you.  If not, you will need
>a separate package like 'suck' or 'newsx'.

Right, thank you.  My upstream provider has now configured his NNTP to feed
my NNTP box.  I am now getting feeds from it with no problem.  

However, when I do the LIST command, I can't see my list of newsgroups.  My
active file was copied from them and it contains all the newsgroups that I
am supposed to get from them.  inncheck also didn't give out errors.  My
~news/spool/articles/* are being populated properly with the articles from
my upstream nntp.  I also "re-did" creation of newsgroups by doing: makedbz
-i (renamed the history.n files) but i still don't get anything when I
issue the LIST command.  I noticed that my active.times is empty, how do
you populate the active.times file to contain all the newsgroups that are
being fed to me?

Am I missing anything?



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