problem upgrading to inn-2.3 (RedHat linux 7.1)

Jim Chapman jim.chapman at
Thu Sep 27 19:55:43 UTC 2001

I use a linux box to host local newsgroups for my company. Articles 
never expire.

Having upgraded the system from RH6.1 to RH7.1 (with INN-2.3), old 
articles (posted before the linux upgrade) can't be read but new 
articles appear just fine. I've verified that the new articles are being 
written into the articles/... directory (in tradspool format) with 
article numbers adding to the articles which were already there from the 
previous install, so it looks like the system is appending to existing 
newsgroups properly.

How do I convince the newserver that articles from the previous install 
are still available? How can I wind back every newsgroup as if all 
articles are new? I've ruled out the newsreader's state as the cause by 
trying to read articles from a newly subscribed client. The config files 
and database files look ok and I regenerated the history db, but I must 
be missing something. Can anyone suggest things to check?



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