innfeed problem (Failed to give article to peer)

Corey Appleby corey at
Tue Apr 2 21:42:33 UTC 2002

We have a news server running innd v2.3.2 and we're trying to get an 
outgoing feed to another server working.  The innfeed.log file is filled 
with the following error:

Apr  2 16:35:53 innfeed[2012]: Adding a new article(0x808d240): 
<cancel.0d340a99.d2500e7f at>
Apr  2 16:35:53 innfeed[2012]: Failed to give article to peer: 
Apr  2 16:35:53 innfeed[2012]: Cleaning up article (0x808d240): 
<cancel.0d340a99.d2500e7f at>

The newsfeed file has the following lines:




The innfeed.conf file has:

peer host {
         ip-name:                host.we.are.feeding
         max-connections:        1

On the host we're feeding, I have the following in the incoming.conf 

streaming:              true   # streaming allowed by default
max-connections:        1      # per feed

peer feed {
         hostname: feed.our.domain

peer ME {
   hostname:         "localhost,"

Looking at the logs, it seems innfeed is able to connect to the host 
we're trying to feed, and setting "mode stream" with no problems, but 
then innfeed.log says:

Apr  1 18:34:58 innfeed[44353]: Adding peer: host
Apr  1 18:35:00 innfeed[44353]: host:0 Issuing the streaming command: 
Apr  1 18:35:00 innfeed[44353]: host:0 Processing mode response: 203 
Apr  1 18:35:00 innfeed[44353]: Host is idle: host

A netstat on both systems shows the innfeed connection is established, 
it just won't send any articles over it.  Has anyone seen this before?  
Did I mess up the configuration somehow?  The host we're feeding has 
innd up and running, and I'm able to post messages to newsgroups.     
There's nothing in the logfiles on the host we're trying to feed, and 
the history is completely empty.  Any ideas?


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