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Tue Apr 2 22:15:22 UTC 2002

On Tue, 2 Apr 2002, Sundaram Divya-QDIVYA1 wrote:

> First, thanks for the clarification on the References line.
> What happens when the References line contains, say more than
> 100 references ... does nnrpd just keep them and leave it
> upto the client to deal with?

nnrpd is just going to reject any post with a line exceeding the ~1000
character limit.  You can have as many References as you want if they are
wrapped reasonably.

> Secondly, I think that you misunderstood my meaning regarding
> the comments. While I understand what the Perl script is doing,
> what I don't have is the context in which it is working.

Funny, I thought there was some context.

Oh, it's in the CURRENT snapshots:

##  The default behavior of the following code is to look for nnrp.access
##  in INN's configuration file directory and to attempt to implement about
##  the same host-based access control as the previous nnrp.access code in
##  earlier versions of INN.  This may be useful for backward compatibility.

> (1) What exactly does the loadnnrp subroutine do? (I know that
>     it loads the contents of the nnrp.access file ... but it'd
>     be nice if a comment existed to say that and highlight the
>     fact that if the file was absent, it'd die.)

Ideally, sure.  But honestly, when a subroutine exists in the same file
and is only called in a single place, the need to document it is not so
critical.  Having it abstracted with a name is better than inlined, after

> (2) What does the subroutine checkhost do? Yes, it checks
>     the host, but how? What does the example implement?
>     I see that, if the nnrpd.access file is blank, it simply
>     denies access ...

It's supposed to implement the old-style nnrp.access functionality.  If
you really want the semantics, it's not hard to find an old copy of the
nnrp.access manpage.

> I will update the file to be more user friendly by adding comments.
> The subscribers to this lists and others can then look it over and
> then perhaps it could be included in future distributions?


Hmm.  Generally we don't make many changes to the STABLE tree, but I guess
adding documentation is fine.  (You might want to look at the CURRENT
snapshots too.)

Jeffrey M. Vinocur
jeff at

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