nnrpd.access file in INN 2.3.2 & tuning

Jeffrey M. Vinocur jeff at litech.org
Wed Apr 3 05:02:56 UTC 2002

On Wed, 3 Apr 2002, kajan wrote:

> > In STABLE (or 2.3.2) you can use nnrpperlauth: in inn.conf with the sample
> > nnrpd_auth.pl file provided to use your old nnrp.access file.
> I don't ask the users to do the user authentication & do not have users.cdb
> file. I allow all the users coming from the IP addresses listed in the
> nnrp.access file to access the news server as our customers include dialup &
> leased line & broad band customers.
> Can I still use nnrpd_auth.pl & any modification has to done to this file?
> Do I have to put the nnrp.access file under /usr/local/news/etc?

It might work if you create an empty users.cdb file, I'm not sure.  But if
you delete the line that starts "tie(%users" and instead put something
like "my (%users);" I think it will work.

> > In CURRENT you can also use Perl to use the nnrp.access file, and in
> > addition use readers.conf at the same time.
> Any coding has to done for this?

Nope.  See the new hook-perl documentation in the Authorization section.

> > > Also, is there any files in Redhat7.2 to INN 2.3.2 that can be
> > > changed to get better performance because I found lots of
> > > dropping articles mainly binary articles.
> >
> > What storage method are you using for your binary articles?
> I use tradspool.

That's probably the problem.

> I would like to use CNFS. But can the size of cycbuffs go more 2GB in
> RedHat 7.2 because the total size of binaries in my old server is
> around 100GB.

I've lost track of whether you can do this or not.  I think you can, if
you compile with largefile support, and you're using disk files and not
raw devices.  But I may be completely wrong there.

Generally we tell people to make many 2 GB cycbuffs and combine them into
one metacycbuff using cycbuff.conf.

> how many cycbuffs I can use?.

No idea if there is a limit.  Can anyone who actually uses CNFS chime in
here?  (My instinct is that you'd be fine, though.)

Jeffrey M. Vinocur
jeff at litech.org

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