Inn 2.3 & - cannot post

Patrice Bour patrice.bour at
Thu Apr 4 09:54:22 UTC 2002

Hello there,

I'm new in nntp world, but I'm already encountering some weird stuff ...

I'm trying to link Innd authentication to a LDAP server, thus I'm using
the perl hook through My Inn server is a standalone one,
thus the configuration is a very basic one.

When connecting, I return the following arguments' list requesting
authentication :  ( 480, 1, 1, *, undef )

What is expected happends here : a call to authenticate() which matches
a username/password couple against the LDAP server. When the
authentication is correct I return the following list : ( 281, 1, 1, [ a
list of comma separated authorized newsgroups ], undef )

Till here, everything looks OK. I'm able to read the authorized
newsgroups, a telnet connection comforts me in the fact that the
authentication succeeded  ( return code 281 ) ...

The snag is I'm unable to post anything ... A telnet connection ends as
soon as I'm entering the post command. The logs of pan ( a newsreader )
shows that the client lost connection with the server as soon as the
posting occurs.

When I'm not using the stuff, everything works fine. But
the problem seems not to come from the perl stuff because the codes
returned are correct.

I feel a bit lost, and, if anybody has any idea about a path to follow
to overcome the situation, I will be very thanksfull.

Patrice Bour

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