Retroactively cross-posting articles

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Sun Apr 7 02:24:37 UTC 2002


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> Here's my problem: I run a mail-to-news gateway.  (<URL:
>  When people "cross-post" to several mailing
> lists that are all being gated into Gmane, the second (and
> subsequent) copies of the messages will be denied posting, since that
> Message-ID has already been posted on Gmane.

> Gmane currently just generates a new Message-ID for the denied
> messages, but this breaks threading.

If you use mailpost of inn-CURRENT, try the -c option.

> It would be nice if it were possible to retroactively cross-post a
> message.  To be able to say "alter message MESSAGE-ID to have this
> Newsgroups header and be cross-posted to these groups".  How hard
> would it be to hack up something like this?

Mailpost has Message-ID database. I think it is not hard to do it
using the database.

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