problems with posting on 2.3.2

Matus "fantomas" Uhlar uhlar at
Wed Apr 10 14:27:57 UTC 2002

-> In article <20020410123713.A22637 at>,
-> 	"Matus \"fantomas\" Uhlar" <uhlar at> wrote;
-> } what Xref header? I was posting without any...
-> I'm confused with what you're seeing.  First, you told
-> us;
-> In article <20020406152955.A17480 at>,
-> 	"Matus \"fantomas\" Uhlar" <uhlar at> wrote;
-> } nnrpd[62950]: post failed 437 Invalid Xref header ""
-> } 
-> } Well, i did post without Xref header, but why does inn report this as a bug?
-> } There is probably something set wrong. but what?
-> and,
-> In article <20020408095502.A23805 at>,
-> 	Matus fantomas Uhlar <uhlar at> wrote;
-> } However the problem repeated.
-> You mean you still have '437 Invalid Xref header', while
-> you posted without Xref?  This should not happen, since
-> nnrpd never appends Xref header.

Aha yes, that's it. 
To repeat the problem again:

1. inn was runing as xrefslave
2. i set xrefslave to off and restarted innd
3. innd was rejecting postings with this message:
   437 Invalid Xref header ""
4. expireover did help only for one-two posts (huh?)
5. rebuilding whole overview did help

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