Status of overview code

Russ Allbery rra at
Sat Apr 13 08:49:45 UTC 2002

I'm still working on the overview code.  Right now, I'm adding some pretty
extensive code to go through all of the tradindexed data structures, check
them for consistency and problems, and repair any problems found.  This
will serve as the basis for crash recovery.  This initial pass at the code
is going to just delete out of overview any entries to overview data
that's corrupted or inconsistent (so the corresponding articles would

The next step is to write code to take a directory of articles and
regenerate overview data for those articles.  That can then be used to
rebuild the overview data for particular groups (rather than having to run
makehistory -O on the entire spool), although only for tradspool since
only with tradspool can one easily find the articles for a particular

That will complete the set of recovery tools that I was planning on
working on for 2.4.  I'll then dive back into finishing the inn.conf
parser rewrite, which is almost done, and then we'll be pretty much ready
to go.  The Perl rework may have to wait for the next release (which
hopefully won't take nearly as long, but I've said that before).

As part of the auditing and repair code, I'm going to lift the innd BUFFER
struct into a struct buffer in libinn, and also lift some generic overview
generation and parsing code into the overview code in libstorage.  There's
way too much overview parsing and generation code scattered around INN
right now, and while this won't solve that problem immediately, it will at
least put us in a position to slowly replace that other code.  (I'm not
going to change innd to use the new buffer implementation right away, but
it should be easy enough to do when we're ready, just a lot of mechanical

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