FAILED: daily usenet report - URGENT

kajan at kajan at
Sun Apr 14 18:01:47 UTC 2002

Hi Katsuhiro Kondou,

> } My daily usenet report  & expiration of articles failed. I get the
> report
> } "with /usr/local/news/bin/news.daily: Locked by " error message.
> :
> } What causes the problem. where can I find the lock?.
> } Now I am deleting the articles manually.
> Previous news.daily might be accidentally stopped by
> some reason like system crash.  In the case, you need
> to remove $pathrun/ manually.
Thank you for your reply. ButI could not find the in my server.

Actually first day I got the following error.

"/usr/local/news/bin/news.daily: Locked by
Server status:
No file; did server die?
Can't send "mode" command (sendto failure) No such file or directory.". so I rebooted the server, and from that date I got the error message which I sent earlier.

I have 1 innd server & 4 nnrpd servers connected to one filer sharing /usr/local/news, /var/news, /var/spool/news
directories. /var/news is $pathrun dirctory.

I hope I accedently executed file in one of the reader server which is meant for the innd server & I stoped it half way cauing all these problem.

I am running INN 1.7.2 in this server.

Thank you again for your assistance.



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