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Katsuhiro Kondou  <Katsuhiro_Kondou at> wrote:
| In article <20020404022159.GA13511 at>,
| 	Ben Rosengart <br+inn at> wrote;
| } I found this in innfeed.log:
| } 
| } Mon Mar 25 09:18:44 2002 innfeed: assertion --
| } cxn->writeBlockedTimerId == 0 -- failed in file connection.c line 3220
| } 
| } Any idea?
| I suspect no one(including me) can anwser this.  I think
| coding style of innfeed makes it difficult to find where
| the problem is.  I think rewriting innfeed should be
| included in TODO list.  Russ and Jeff, how do you think
| on this issue?

  Disagree. Rewriting innfeed is a lot of work, and the program would
still have the same drawbacks, no matter how readable. If you mean
"rewrite" as in do a blank page desing, run it by the list, and do over
from scratch, sure. If you mean clean up what's there, I think it's a
waste of time.

  I did a high level design for a drop-in replacement for innfeed, but I
found Earthquake and it solved all my problems with transit machines, so
I never went on with it. I did decide that pthreads now work on BSD,
Linux, Solaris and AIX, and therefore present a really nice solution to
bad performance due to socket delays with many descriptors, limited
number of descriptors, etc.

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