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Tue Apr 16 17:46:47 UTC 2002

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| >  I did a high level design for a drop-in replacement for innfeed, but I
| >found Earthquake and it solved all my problems with transit machines
| What exactly is the homepage for earthquake at the moment? It
| used to be, but doesn't seem to work anymore.
| Google doesn't turn up anything useable, either.

  At the moment I'm maintaining it myself. I have to get a path the
"mouse" on this, or a lawyer to tell me it can become a project
somewhere. I'm testing now on Linux with NGPT to see if that works as
well as other threaded things. I note he accepted but didn't include a
bunch of patches I sent, mainly to make the config more friendsly, etc.

  I've been pushing ~TB/day out of a glorified PC for 272 days now,
never run expire, moderately nice SPAM filtering, pretty much solves my
transit needs.
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