inn newbie: Configuring NNTP-Posting-Host, et al.

Mohr James james.mohr at
Thu Apr 18 10:53:35 UTC 2002

Hi All!

I need help bad. Our IT-Manager has delayed setting up posting to =
particularly because the NNTP-Posting-Host is set to the host that did =
posting (what else?) and he says it reveals too much about the internal
network. Currently we are using MS-Exchange to *read* newsgroups, but =
is of very little value as most of the groups we need are already =
on the web. Since he really doesn't care, it just sits. Basically, we =
like to see that all posts come from a specific machine (i.e. firewall,
proxy, whatever). Currently we have SuSE Linux as our Email gateway, so =
would be a good place to put it.=20

All I can find in inn.conf is addnntppostinghost, which simply turns =
on/off if the NNTP-Posting-Host is added. However, I understand that =
servers will ignore posts if this is not set. Therefore, we need/want =
to set
it to ensure being able to post everywhere (right?).=20

I have no idea really where to go from here and would appreaciate any =
people can provide.

Best Regards,

Jim Mohr

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