no newsgroups?

Meghan mwingate at
Thu Apr 18 21:07:13 UTC 2002

I'm trying to run inn-2.3.2 on a rh7.2 1GHz pIII machine.  I just want 
local posting, no incoming or outgoing feeds.  When I try and
connect to the server, I can't see any newsgroups.  I look in the active
file and there are a bunch in there.  I used makedbz -i and moved all the
files.  I can telnet to the server and it says I connected fine, but when
I try LIST I don't get anything. If I try it from a newsreader I use
ps and can see the request, but even when the client disconnects the
requesting process stays active until I manually kill it.  I looked in the
logs and can't find anything useful, I'm not sure what to do.

Does anyone have any ideas?


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