no newsgroups?

Meghan mwingate at
Thu Apr 18 21:29:58 UTC 2002

> > I'm trying to run inn-2.3.2 on a rh7.2 1GHz pIII machine.  I just want 
> > local posting, no incoming or outgoing feeds.  When I try and
> > connect to the server, I can't see any newsgroups.  I look in the active
> > file and there are a bunch in there.  
> How is your readers.conf configured?

Good question, I thought that it was configured to allow all hosts from
our domain, but I just tried to telneting(port 119) to the server from the
server and can successfully list all the groups.  Maybe it is a
permissions problem.  This is what I have in readers.conf:
auth "" {
	hosts: ", *"
	default: "local at"
Should that work, allowing something like machine1 at

Thanks for the speedy reply!

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