inn2.3.2 and users authentication..

Luca Sironi luca.sironi at
Fri Apr 19 08:49:27 UTC 2002

It's the first time I install inn.
I want all my few (<20) users to identify themselves in order
to read my local groups.
In my readers.conf i've wrote

auth all {
        auth: "ckpasswd -d /usr/local/news/db/newsusers"
        auth: "ckpasswd -s"

and i use the perl script in the man to create the newsusers file in NDBM
It all works greats as i add users but i've find no way to manage the
generate (binary) file.
I mean, list users, delete users and so one.
How can I do?
All I want to do is to catalog all my server users in a different file
than /etc/passwd.
A similar (in the structure) file will be great.

Thank you.

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