no newsgroups?/transfer articles

Meghan mwingate at
Fri Apr 19 15:58:55 UTC 2002

> Just to be completely pedantic....  :)
> There aren't two steps to authentication.  Rather, readers.conf separates
> authentication from authorization (something that I really wish more
> systems would do, because it's a fundamentally sounder security design).

Oh, ok.  That makes sense, and explains why it just hung and didn't
generate errors.  Thanks Russ!

I have another question.  Now that I have inn-2.3.2 working, I am trying
to transfer some articles from an old inn-2.2.3 installation.  The old
installation was local postings only, no incoming or outgoing feeds. It
was the traditional spool storage method, and so is the new one. The new
installation is on a different machine, and I'd prefer not to mess with
the old installation if possible.  I tried copying over the old article
files and active file, but that didn't work.  A news reader doesn't even
show that they are there.  The listing of groups is correct, there just
aren't any articles.  I know that a lot of things have changed between
versions, but is there some way to get these old articles into the new


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