[DRAFT] INN 2.3.3 available

Russ Allbery rra at stanford.edu
Sat Apr 20 02:30:00 UTC 2002

From: Russ Allbery <rra at isc.org>
Organization: Internet Software Consortium
Subject: [ANNOUNCE] INN 2.3.3 available
To: inn-announce at isc.org
Newsgroups: news.software.nntp

The Internet Software Consortium is pleased to announce that a new bug-fix
release of INN is available at:


The MD5 checksum of this release is:

    <to be filled in>

A PGP signature will soon be available in the same directory.  There is a
patch from 2.3.2 to 2.3.3 available there as well.

This is a bug-fix release over 2.3.2.  Upgrading an existing INN 2.3.2
installation is as simple as building INN 2.3.3, running make update, and
restarting innd and related programs; however, if you had GnuPG installed,
INN will start using it for verification of control messages and you may
need to create a new GnuPG key ring of the public keys for news

Because of the extensive additions, it's also recommended that you look at
the new sample control.ctl file and update yours where appropriate.

Changes from 2.3.2 to 2.3.3:

 * pgpverify now supports using GnuPG to check signatures (rather than
   PGP) without the pgpgpg wrapper.  GnuPG can check both old-style RSA
   signatures and new OpenPGP signatures and is recommended over PGP 2.6.
   If you have GnuPG installed, pgpverify will use it rather than PGP,
   which means that you may have to create a new key ring for GnuPG to
   use to verify signatures if you were previously using PGP.

 * An item that was noted in NEWS below but was inadvertently left out of
   nnrpd has actually been added this time:  users can no longer post
   articles containing Approved: headers to moderated groups by default;
   they must be specifically given that permission with the access:
   parameter in readers.conf.  See the man page for more details.

 * Two bugs in repacking overview index files and a reliability bug with
   writing overview data were all fixed in the tradindexed overview
   method, hopefully making it somewhat more reliable, particularly for

 * If rc.news.local exists in the INN binary directory, it will be run
   with the start or stop argument whenever rc.news is run.  This is
   available as a hook for local startup and shutdown code.

 * The default history table hash sizes were increased because a
   too-small value can cause serious performance problems (whereas a
   too-large hash just wastes a bit of disk space).

 * The sample control.ctl file has been extensively updated.

 * Various other more minor bug fixes, standards compliance fixes, and
   documentation improvements.

Please submit all bug reports to inn-bugs at isc.org.  Please send all
patches to inn-patches at isc.org.

                                        Russ Allbery
                                        Katsuhiro Kondou
                                        inn at isc.org

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