Radius Accounting

Jake Roersma jaker at tsunami.triton.net
Mon Apr 22 15:00:48 UTC 2002

I have been running Cistron Radius with INN 2.3.2 for reading machines 
for quite sometime now.  The problem I have run across is that there 
doesn't seem to be any accounting information that is passed to the 
radius servers, nor can I find any sort of documentation that says it 
should..   What I would like to do is log the username, password, time 
of connect, time of discconect, total bytes recieved, total bytes sent, 
and the IP address.  Is this kind of information possible with nnrpd and 
radius or do I have to go with another solution that I possibely have 
overlookeed?  I seems like a lot of people would want or alread have 
some of the same capablities to interface the accounting information 
with radius as many ISP's already have programs to parse radius detail 

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