AW: inn newbie: Configuring NNTP-Posting-Host, et al.

Mohr James james.mohr at
Wed Apr 24 06:22:31 UTC 2002

>> NNTP-Porting-Host can be used to trace users who posted any 
>> article. I think
>> disabling that header is bad idea. You should probably 
>> rewrite it to be able
>> detect poster and for people outside not to see IP addreses.  
>> Maybe running local dns and/or mapping IPs to hostnames 
>> would be good idea.

The IT Manager is more concerned with saving himself time that an security
issues involved with who posted what and when. Even with the message-ID and
being able to look through news logs, he simply doesn't care. All he wants
is for us to stop bothering him.


PS. Jak se reckne cesky nebo slovensky "spam"?

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