news not moving from incoming

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Mon Apr 29 09:28:10 UTC 2002


No its set to false
and using rnews -U seems to move the files from incoming to ?
I tried to create a new test group and post to that just incase the rebuild
was at issue but same happens with that posting go direct to incoming and
never move to overview etc.

Only thing i did that may be different is i compiled with perl filter but
reading the info suggest i don't need to do anything with the default code.


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> } I have rebuilt my history and overview but posting to the server results
> } the message only reaching the incoming directory.
> It looks like spoolfirst in inn.conf is set to true.
> } What moves it from there to articles? (i am using timehash on inn 2.3.2)
> 'rnews -U' should do it.
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> Katsuhiro Kondou

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