news not moving from incoming

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Mon Apr 29 22:46:14 UTC 2002


Getting closer! I created a new group and changed inn.conf nnrpdposthost:
It was my news server FQDN but now blank! and it works?

Now only issue is db/active is out of step with rebuilt data.
Is there a resync command to get numbers from overview files and correct
this , or a trick number like all 0's


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> } This is from news.notice
> Hm, there is no innd related message.  Then, nnrpd
> may fail to connect innd.  Check nnrpdposthost,
> nnrpdpostport and port in inn.conf, and it may be
> necessary to examine if unix domain is utilized to
> connect innd.
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> Katsuhiro Kondou

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