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| Great thanks for all the positive replies everyone.
| > | Is RH Linux up to the job of running a innd news server?
| >
| > Yes, but IMHO their precompiled INN is not. I suggest getting the source
| > and building, include large file support, put the buffers and stuff
| > where you want them, etc.
| >
| Yep, I always build from source anyway.
| RPM puts stuff all over the place.

That's being very polite ;-)

| > Unless it's fixed in 7.3 RH still builds a perl intended for 2.2
| > kernels, without large file support. cnfsstat will not work with large
| > files unless you build your own. You can just keep all of the cycbuffs
| > less than 2GB, of course.
| >
| If I install the latest perl in /usr/local will it automatically build for
| 2.4 with large file support? Or is it a configure/Makefile option? I
| guess I'll find out.

Largefile support is an option when you build perl from source, and
there are a few others which might be useful as long as you are going to
roll your own. Sorry, I won't make suggestions, the list isn't that long
and you should take a minute and scan it to see what sets off your "gee
that would be handy" detector.
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