greg andruk gja at
Sat Aug 17 01:10:43 UTC 2002

Okay, just in case anyone's interested in this...

INN 2.3.3 does build and (sort of) run under Cygwin, with only minor 
patching.  Major build issues were:

1. Cygwin defines but doesn't implement pwrite(), so the definitions in 
lib/pwrite.c and include/clibrary.h needed small tweakage to be compatible.

2. A couple of BIND-related includes in innfeed/misc.c don't exist, so 
skip 'em.

3. NNRP_LOADLIMIT needs to be set to -1.

4. support/install-sh needs a small patch to deal with *.EXE files.

innd and nnrpd do, indeed, run.  I can IHAVE and POST, and read the 
articles back.  tradindexed and timehash, at least, seem to be happy so far.

Two significant problems encountered so far:

1. nnrpd croaks when forked from innd, but it works fine if I run innd 
under gdb.  Odd.  Will dig into this one later, it's not a showstopper.

2. ICDwritevactive() doesnt work because NT doesn't allow an open file 
to be renamed out of existence.  I expect this difference to break 
expire too.  I can think of some Rube Goldberg workarounds for this, 
anyone aware of simple ones? =)

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