Problems post sprintf->snprintf conversion

Russ Allbery rra at
Thu Aug 22 02:20:09 UTC 2002

Alex Kiernan <alexk at> writes:

> The floating point formatting in the snprintf replacement breaks when
> you try and print something larger than MAXINT, quietly, in a hard to
> debug way :( Given INN uses floats to get around just this problem,
> this is really, really scary.

> The code does:

>   intpart = ufvalue;

> where ufvalue is the absolute part of the floating point number.  The
> conversion then proceeds based on intpart and fvalue - inpart (for the
> fractional part). I can't remember what the standard says such
> conversion overflows should do, Sun C seems to give you MAXINT.


Can we just use fmod rather than doing things this way?  It may well be
slower, but I don't care if that code is particularly fast; it doesn't run
all that often.

> I'm not sure I even want to fix this - my problem is that if the code
> has that kind of hideous assumption, what others are there in there
> waiting to bite?

Probably much less outside the floating point code; the floating point
code in there was marked preliminary and a hack when I originally picked
it up.

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