X-Trace? & Post limiting?

_zip _zip at cox.net
Thu Aug 22 17:45:26 UTC 2002


	I just recently setup INN on a computer that's behind a local router.
Now when someone makes a post, X-Trace is showing the local IP address
of the router and not the IP of the original sender. I'm wondering how I
can fix this. I've read the faqs and most of the man pages already.

	Also how could I limit the number of posts per day that are allowed per
IP address? I'm new to this so bare with me here. In the inn.conf man
page it says nnrpd has support for high-volume posters via an
exponential backoff algorithm. I'm not sure that I'm using nnrpd. I
execute innd when I start the server. And is the IP shown in X-Trace
used as the IP to apply the exponential posting backoff to?

Any comments or suggestions are welcomed
Thank You

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