Limiting INN's NNRP connections per IP

Russ Allbery rra at
Mon Aug 26 15:46:32 UTC 2002

greg andruk <gja at> writes:
> Przemys=B3aw Maciuszko wrote:

>> Urgh. This won't solve my problems.  Because nnrpd will be run by innd
>> and connection will be made.  The nnrpd process will be run, it will
>> take resources and cpu.  It just will be dropped later :(

> man innd, and look at the -H and -X options.

If someone has a chance, it would be cool to put those options into nnrpd
-D as well.

Although another good solution to this is to run nnrpd under some
inetd-style server that can do rate limiting or limit the number of
connections per IP address.  tcpserver unfortunately can't do that; does
anyone know if xinetd can?

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