newsgroup hierarchy problem

Julie BOURBEILLON julie.bourbeillon at
Mon Aug 26 19:35:16 UTC 2002

	I'm quite new to INN and I've just set up a local server on a linux box
that only handles local newsgroups for readers located within my domain
and has no feeds. W've created several newsgroups with the "ctlinnd
newgroup ..." command with some kind of logical hierachy that is to say:

...and so no

But any news reader I use don't display those groups as a hierarchy tree
such as:
But as a raw list. 
	I checked with my ISP news server and the groups on this server are
displayed by my news reader as a tree so it is not a news reader
configuration problem.
	I browse man pages, installation guides, mailing-list archives, news
groups...and couldn't find any information about this.
	Does anyone has an idea about what it might come from?



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