inn-2.3.3: Problems with storage.conf?

Tina Hausmann (JOIN Project Team) hausmat at
Tue Aug 27 15:24:46 UTC 2002

Hi there,

sorry if this is a subject that has been discussed and solved already but I 
couldn't find any helpful information on the net.

I have recently installed inn-2.3.3 on a Linux-box to use with ipv6. Since it 
was the first time I tried to set up a newsserver I followed the instructions 
to the last. Something is still going wrong though.

After starting the server using the start-script initially everything 
works fine. I have a feed, can read and post articles. After a time though 
(10-30 minutes?) both in the messages and when I try as a user to connect to 
the server I get the error-message:

400 no matching entry in storage.conf storing article -- throttling

The only entry I have in my storage.conf is:

method tradspool {
        class: 1
        newsgroups: *
        size: 0,1000000
        expires: 0s,7d

which should be applicable to pretty much everything. I'm pretty sure, too, 
it has nothing to do with the size-entry since I already experimented with 
that. The section of my inn.conf-file regarding storage is the following:

# Article Storage

cnfscheckfudgesize:     0
enableoverview:         true
groupbaseexpiry:        true
mergetogroups:          false
overcachesize:          15
storeonxref:            false
useoverchan:            false
wireformat:             false
xrefslave:              false

I'd be very gratefull, if someone could help me with this.


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