Limiting INN's NNRP connections per IP

Matus "fantomas" Uhlar uhlar at
Wed Aug 28 16:45:42 UTC 2002

-> > others answered. Now I have one question about nnrpd - can it take
-> > advantage of running one master and slaves? shared active table, shared
-> > configuration file, or at least that config is pre-processed by master
-> > on startup and slaves only need to talk to user?
-> I believe that it does initialize the storage manager and overview only
-> once, which can take a noticable amount of time.  I'm not sure, though;
-> I've not looked at it recently.

Hmmm if anyone would; However I had the idea having one innd/nnrpd
master-server, that would maintain databases (active, newsgroups, history,
overview) and nnrpd clients would only read it.

If nnrpd was the master-server, we would probably need ctlnnrpd in the same
way we have innd, anyway.

That can be hard to do, but would spare much cpu/memory/IO,
- what do you think about it?

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