General problems revolving around perl_access

Russ Allbery rra at
Thu Aug 29 01:53:18 UTC 2002

I tried to respond to your mail a while back but my mail message was
bounced saying that I'd mailed an invalid address.

Matt 'Goo Goo Dolls' Melton <matt_08-02 at> writes:

> In demonstration, $return_hash{"post"} = "alt.not.exist";, does not
> cause nnrpd to die, however, $return_hash{"post"} = "alt.not.*"; does.

Where does it die?  This isn't intentional, so there's a bug somewhere.
Does it log anything?  Does it segfault?  Is there a core dump somewhere?

If you can use gdb, that would be great.

> Problem 2?

> It's been the basis of my testing of the new perl_* interface, and
> I've come to note this problem. When returning
> $return_hash{"post"} = "*, !*.private"; the server will die at
> access - why is this, is "*, !*.private" the wrong kind of string
> to return?

This is likely the same problem.

> Also, when no username is returned for auth, my client receives a syntax
> example - I assume this is part of the INN rfcs - however I'd really
> appreciate seeing a different challenge auth (ie: if no username is
> returned by the reader, then a null username is authenticated with or
> without a declared password), as maybe a commandline switch?

You can't send a password without a username using the AUTHINFO NNTP
protocol.  You can't do this with SASL either so far as I know.  You'll
probably have to use a dummy username.

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