History File over 2GB

Russ Allbery rra at stanford.edu
Thu Aug 29 18:03:43 UTC 2002

Jake Roersma <jaker at tsunami.triton.net> writes:

> Ok, in my ignorance of wanting to save articles fro 14 days and putting
> more space on one of our news servers, the history file has grown over
> 2GB?? Is there any way to repair this?? My understanding is that expire
> won't be able to open it to delete entries.  Do I need to ditch my
> history file and start over?

Well, at the very least, you can certainly stop the server, chop the
beginning of it off until its under 2GB, run makedbz to rebuild the
databases, and then continue on.

INN should be able to handle history files in excess of 2GB if compiled
with large file support, but be aware that an INN built with large file
support and one without large file support saves structures on disk
slightly differently and may change the layout of overview (at least for
tradindexed) in an incompatible way.

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