nnrpd with nfs-mounted spool?

Ilia Varlachkine ilya at euroconnect.fr
Fri Aug 30 07:53:54 UTC 2002

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> Ilia Varlachkine <ilya at euroconnect.fr> writes:
> > Thanks for the hint. I guess this is why I can send articles from 
> > nfsreader-host and see them on the main host (where spool 
> is local and 
> > then exported to nfsreaders)? I tried to set mmap-related 
> attributes 
> > in inn.conf to 'false'. But that doesn't help - whether I post from 
> > main host or from readers, articles are not visible to nfsreaders 
> > until I unmount and remount ~news/db and ~news/spool.
> Support for NFS-mounted readers is only really there in 
> CURRENT snapshots. I don't expect it to work properly with 
> INN 2.3.x.  And it may not work in CURRENT either on 
> operating systems other than Solaris, as it's going to depend 
> on the NFS behavior of a given operating system.

Then I suspect I did something wrong, since I use exactly these pair:
CURRENT on Solaris 2.8 (both writer and reader). However writer is
accessing spool _locally_ (not via NFS) and exports it. Could this be a
problem? If not, where should I read/dig to get things working?

Ilia Varlachkine

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