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Mark Hittinger bugs at pu.net
Fri Aug 30 20:02:20 UTC 2002

> > Mark writes:
> > It would be nice during the day to have cancels flip such a "deleted"
> > bit in the overview record.

> Russ Allbery writes:
> This is the problem.  Overview is indexed by newsgroup and article number.
> How do you get that for the message that was cancelled?

Well for awhile during the uniover days I think Katsuhiro had pointers to
the uniover overview records in the history.  He was trying to resolve the
issue you are grappling with but it didn't work out too well.  We do need
to have some fast way to jump from one of INN's databases to another.

With the INN 1.x history format we could do it right away.  Going to a token
robbed us of a quick way to do it.

Today we'd have to take the message id hash out of the cancel, do an article 
lookup, and then we'd have the article headers which would get us to the 
overview data.  Last time I looked at the code this was expensive because we'd 
SMretrieve() the entire article (for example during expire to see if the 
article existed) rather than just the header info.  I wondered if it might 
make some sense to have an "SMretrieveheaders()" that would only get the
headers for the article - or - have a block of info at the beginning of
the article that would have the pointers to the overview data - maybe some
other flags about the article too.

Now then if we wrap around..... bleah :-)


Mark Hittinger
bugs at pu.net

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