New tradindexed overview ready, I believe

Russ Allbery rra at
Sat Aug 31 04:13:14 UTC 2002

Russ Allbery <rra at Stanford.EDU> writes:

> Should I go ahead and do the switchover in CVS so that other people can
> easily play as well?  I've finished my internal checklist on the things
> that needed to be done before I did that, now that building and
> installing of auxiliary programs out of the storage tree works properly.
> The only thing that I've not done yet is put a full server load on it,
> because I won't be set up to do that until after I do the big upgrade
> here.

I'll probably end up waiting until I put it on a regular server, I think,
or until someone else has done so and lets me know.

Oh, and this is the new ovmethod.config for the tradindexed directory:

name     = tradindexed
number   = 2
modules  = tdx-cache.o tdx-group.o tdx-data.o tradindexed.o
programs = true

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