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Russ Allbery rra at
Sat Aug 31 16:24:12 UTC 2002

Rene Tschaggelar <tschaggelar at> writes:

> Doesn't change much, except it already stops at 

> checking for OpenSSL location... configure: error: Cannot find OpenSSL

Does /usr/include/openssl exist?  Looks like OpenSSL may need some of the
same fallback code as Berkeley DB.

> BTW this list server doesn't set the 'reply to' field. 
> Strange.

Yeah, that's a client configuration issue rather than something that
should be forced on the server.


Both configurations have drawbacks, but at least it's generally reasonably
easy to reply to either the list or the individual poster if Reply-To is
not set, whereas it's extremely annoying to reply to the individual if
Reply-To is set.

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