installation and start

Rene Tschaggelar tschaggelar at
Sat Aug 31 20:33:30 UTC 2002

Kai Henningsen wrote:
> tschaggelar at (Rene Tschaggelar)  wrote on 31.08.02 in <3D70E283.96459178 at>:
> > My meagre script knowledge led me to believe to have found the cause:
> > there is an /include/openssl/ssl.h required.
> > It is indeed not there. I have OpenSSL installed, at least Yast
> > tells me so and the directories /usr/ssl are there.
> Is there any ssl-dev (openssl-dev, whatever) package you can install? I
> don't know about SuSe, but on Debian, library packages are often split up
> in one runtime and one development package, and INN would need the
> development stuff to compile. (On Debian 3.0, these would be the
> libssl0.9.6 (runtime) and libssl-dev (development) packages,
> respectively.)

Yes. right. There is always some hesitation in overwriting an 
installation version.
I went to and downloaded the latest version
The installation was smooth.


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