bindaddress & port -> listen ?

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Thu Aug 1 19:04:10 UTC 2002

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Jeffrey M. Vinocur <jeff at> wrote:

| There is some benefit to nnrpd on multiple ports (different 
| configurations, some with SSL some without, whatever).  But I can't see as 
| it's a big problem just to have several nnrpd's listening (if you use 
| daemon mode; if not just configure inetd as appropriate), right?

While I'm thinking about daemon mode, it would be nice if ctlinnd had an
interface to nnrpd daemons, to stop them, trace them, whatever. I
haven't thought on this much, other than to repeatedly forget to kill
them after I stop innd.

I'd love to change to use pthreads as well, both for readers and for
incoming connections. And for the perl filter, it's taking 35-40% of one
CPU and I have CPUs idle.

Wish I had time for all this stuff...
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