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| Hi all,
| I'm new to the INN thing...I've had several false starts and eventually went
| to dnews which was easy, but expensive.  I'm back to INN and I need a little
| help.
| I can't seem to find a GOOD...English...HOWTO that covers setting up INN
| with Suck.  I have an internal News server that is basically just caching
| news from my ISP to speed up downloads etc...  

Suck feeds are a pain. I finally added something like an active file to
'getover' to just pull the new overview entries. I pipe that to cut for
the message-ids, pipe that to grephistory -i to find out what I don't
have, pipe that to getrnews to create an rnews input file with multiple
articles, and finally feed that to rnews.

Not because I couldn't read about suck, I just had the tools here.
Needless to say I don't have a nice clear English HOWTO on that, either,
I just like to see what I can do with unrelated tools, pipes, and a
single command line ;-) I finally added a direct "feed to local host"
option to getrnews to feed an article at a time.

If suck supports this at all I would think it would tell you how to do it.
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