cycbuff questions

Engstrom_Carl at Engstrom_Carl at
Mon Aug 5 23:27:44 UTC 2002

I'm having similar issues.  I'm an absolute newbie to INN and am finding the
setup very difficult.  My current issue is:

Aug  5 13:06:22 linuxgate innd: SERVER cant initialize the storage subsystem
one or more storage methods failed initialization


Aug  5 14:04:09 linuxgate rnews: cant open_remote Connection timed out

I think that the second is caused by the system not starting up.  But the
first one is puzzling.  I have setup the cycbuffs and created a meta out of
(4) 10GB metas.  I'm using the stock version of INN that comes with RH 7.3,
nothing fancy.  I'll comb through my configs again to see if there is a
mistake but I haven't noticed anything yet.

2 questions:

1) Is there a way to see if INN is configured to accept large cycbuffs?

2) Is there a utility to check the parameters of the configs to make sure
that nothing is out of wack?



Alan Shackelford <ashackel at> writes:

> Other than the obvious system related limits, is there a inn-specific 
> limit on:

> size of a single cycbuff file

No, although be sure you've built INN with large file support if you're
using cycbuffs larger than 2GB, and be aware that >2GB raw devices often
don't work.

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