replace From: with contents of authinfo?

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Wed Aug 7 01:43:29 UTC 2002

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Jeffrey M. Vinocur <jeff at> wrote:
| On 31 Jul 2002, bill davidsen wrote:

| > This is being discussed with great heat in another forum, and most
| > of the participants, mostly experienced admins, seem to feel that this
| > is a violation of privacy.
| INN already has a setting (nnrpdauthsender in inn.conf) which puts this 
| information in the Sender: header.  Do the sentiments you mention apply to 
| this usage as well, or is From: somehow special?

No, I feel (and I'm not alone) that putting clear text identification in
a post which lacks it is a privacy issue. Someone posting in an
aids-support group might REALLY not want to be identified, as would
someone posting in an internal group if they were dumping on some VIPs
new idea.

There are reasons for having a way to track who posted something, but
anything which can be in any easy way tracked back to the real sender by
anyone other than the admins is an issue with me.

I don't ever want to see someone stalked or fired because my server did
something like that. Violations of TOS and legal issues can be resolved
by an admin-only tracking scheme (logs are good).

I make no pretense to be neutral about this, there is way too much
"because you can" tracking of what we do.
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