Auth/Access Question

David R. Fischer fischerdr at
Wed Aug 14 03:47:49 UTC 2002

Thanks Russ,

this is kinda what i was looking for but more for atomic access control
per user basis or more importantly a way of grouping users to access
certain newsgroups more so beyond the limited one database model.

what I am trying to do is have different groups containing hundreds of
users have access to only their groups newsgroups..

Any help in this area would be great....

David R. Fischer
Russ Allbery wrote:
 > David R Fischer <fischerdr at> writes:
 >>Sorry in advance if this is not the right place.....
 >>How would one setup innd to authenticate against an ldap server for user
 >>lookup.  Or can this be done.  I noticed that you and setup a auth part
 >>in the readers.conf file but still unsure of the command line stuff..
 > See <> for one
 > solution that's been contributed.

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