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Russ Allbery rra at
Wed Dec 11 03:11:52 UTC 2002

Donald Roeber <droeber at> writes:

> We're running a news server that has nnrpd bound to one address, and
> innd bound to another.  innd doesn't allow posting.  I'm having a
> problem with inews, and subsequently mailpost.  inews is trying to post
> articles to the address that innd is bound to.  In inn.conf the 'server'
> variable is set the name of the interface that innd is bound to, and
> 'nnrpdposthost' is currently empty.  I've tried setting 'nnrpdposthost'
> to the nnrpd interface, but without success.  When inews is trying to
> post, I get this response:

> inews failed: Server doesn't want the article: 	500 "post" not 
> implemented; try "help".
>    (Article not posted.)

server should point to nnrpd, not innd.  That's not at all clear from the

        The name of the default NNTP server.  If nnrpdposthost is not set
        and UNIX domain sockets are not supported, nnrpd(8) tries to hand
        off locally-posted articles through an INET domain socket to this
        server.  actsync(8), nntpget(8), and getlist(8) also use this
        value as the default server to connect to.  In the latter cases,
        the value of the NNTPSERVER environment variable, if it exists,
        overrides this.  The default value is unset.

but it becomes clearer when one knows that Unix domain sockets are
essentially always supported and therefore that whole bit is irrelevant.
server is the default NNTP server for programs like inews.

The fallback for hosts without Unix domain sockets should really bet set

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