Problems sending news

Pavel V. Knyazev pasha at
Wed Dec 18 16:09:51 UTC 2002

You're using CNFS buffers.
In this case you won't see any additional files
because all articles are stored in one or more
files (called CNFS buffers).

You should feed all articles to innfeed program,
which will send your articles further, but first
declare innfeed (find this in your newsfeeds file
and change it to the real path name):

And this is your feed line:\

----- Original Message -----
From: "Martin Neuditschko" <yosuke.tomoe at>
To: "INN-ML" <inn-workers at>
Sent: Wednesday, December 18, 2002 7:21 AM
Subject: Problems sending news

> Hello!
> If I send news unsing for example slrn I get following entry
> in the file "/var/spool/news/outgoing/<newsserver>" :
> @050100000005000000C70000000000000000@
<slrnavvcng.1gc.yosuke at melchior.nerv>
> But I nowhere find the file which includes the data from the post.
> There should be also another file in "/var/spool/news/outgoing/" called:
> "@050100000005000000C70000000000000000@", shouldn' t it?
> The depending variable for outgoing news in inn.conf:
> pathoutgoing:           /var/spool/news/outgoing
> So why is the message lost? Has someone an idea?
> PS: The newsfeed for outgoing posts:
>     :*,!junk,!control*\
>     :Tf,
> I don't have a feed for incoming posts because I use suck
> (which is working). For sending the message to the server
> I want to use rpost:
> rpost -M -b /var/spool/news/outgoing/ \
>   -p /var/spool/news -f /var/lib/news/filter \$\$o=/tmp/FILTERED_MSG \
>   \$\$i /tmp/FILTERED_MSG
> but I always get an error like:
> File "@050100000005000000C70000000000000000@" not found
> I have really no idea where the mistake could be. Please help me.
> best regards
> Martin Neuditschko


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