cnfs problem

Albert E. Whale aewhale at
Tue Jan 1 14:44:56 UTC 2002


Each spool is a collection of four or more 2GB Buffers (my Limit on 
Linux Mandrake).  I believe that 16 2GB Buffers is considerably lower 
than the limit for libc.  Don't you think???

Keep them coming folks!  The more info I get the better I feel about the 

Happy New Year!

Mark Hittinger wrote:

>>Dec 30 00:40:09 ns1 nnrpd[3866]: CNFS-sm: CNFSflushhead: write failed
>>(-1 bytes): Bad file descriptor
>>Dec 30 03:00:00 ns1 expireover[7058]: CNFS-sm: CNFSflushhead: write
>>failed (-1 bytes): Bad file descriptor
>Is the cnfs file larger than 2gig on a 32-bit-lseek compile?
>Have you used more file descriptors than your "libc" can handle, i.e.
>1024 when "fildes" is type char?
>Mark Hittinger
>msh at

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