Storage error

Roberto Bertucci roberto.bertucci at
Wed Jan 2 17:14:40 UTC 2002

Hi all, i see in news.err several messages similar to the following:

Jan  2 16:46:03 forst innfeed[24120]: [ID 281340 news.error] CNFS-sm: could 
not mmap token @030363313900000000000001F3160000065900001A39E0C701220000@ 
c19:0x3e62c0c:1625: Not enough space
Jan  2 16:46:03 forst innfeed[24120]: [ID 768526 news.error] Could not 
retrieve @030363313900000000000001F3160000065900001A39E0C701220000@: mmap 

Is it a critical error or just a warning? The article is lost or just 
written to another cycbuff?

How is it possible to have phisical article position (cycbuff & offset) 
from  the @<hex number>@ ?

Thank you,
Roberto Bertucci

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