Problem with storage.conf

Roberto Bertucci roberto.bertucci at
Thu Jan 3 14:12:38 UTC 2002

Hi all,
i have a with this storage.conf file:

method cnfs {
         newsgroups: it.*
         class: 1
         options: IT

method cnfs {
         newsgroups: alt.binaries.multimedia, at alt.binaries.mutimedia.erotica
         class: 2
         options: TEST

method cnfs {
         newsgroups: alt.binaries.multimedia.erotica
         class: 3
         options: MEDIA

method cnfs {
         newsgroups: *
         class: 4
         size: 1,99999
         options: SMALLAREA

method cnfs {
         newsgroups: *
         class: 5
         size: 100000,0
         options: BIGAREA

It seems that articles are stored in a random (more or less) group.
For example, i posted an article in alt.binaries.multimedia and i found it 
in a cycbuff associated to IT group. Last update of SMALLAREA cycbuffs was 
done on 2001-06-29 12:18:09,  188 days,  3:46:57 ago, and i received a lot 
of articles sized less than 100K.....

Is there anything wrong in my configuration file or something i am not 
understanding about wildmat expressions?

Any help will be appreciated...

Thank you,
Roberto Bertucci

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