INN newsfeed questions

Afra Ahmad aa4 at
Mon Jan 7 07:38:26 UTC 2002

> } Could it be something I set up wrong? I have correctly set up my
> } incoming.conf. Is this the only file that deals with incoming newsfeeds?
> } I just hope I didn't set a block on non alt.binary.* newsgroups
> } somewhere else. I cannot find such a thing however.
> Can you find anything rejected message $pathlog/news?

In ~news/log/news, I have about 50 lines such as this: <tOb_7.76608$5W5.24008214 at>
316052 overview! qwestout

I also noticed that when I stop and start the server, I get this message
in $pathlog/news.notice:

overchan is running while innd is creating overview data (you can ignore 
this message if you are running makehistory -F)

When I stop it I make sure nothing is running (ps auxww)...It still
gives me that error message when I restart the server.

Thank you for all the help.


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