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Sun Jan 13 14:11:37 UTC 2002

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	Graeme Mathieson <graeme+inn-workers at> wrote;

} > } > I'm wondering if both are included into CURRENT.
} > } 
} > } That would be great, yes.
} > 
} > It'd be helpful to give us a patch to include pamckpasswd.
} I'm not sure I understand what you mean.  The patch for
} authprogs/ckpasswd is all that's required for PAM support.  Are you
} wanting to include pamckpasswd in contrib (instead|as well)?

I thought you want pamckpasswd to be included in
authprogs.  I'll apply patch for ckpasswd, if not.

} I've spent hours trying to figure out why makehistory wasn't working...
} Still, I've got an idea of how the history API works now.  For an
} encore, I'm going to try and figure out why inn-CURRENT is crashing for
} me in the first place.  I *think* it's something to do with newgroup
} control messages.  The times it's crashed, the last thing that
} was logged was similar to:

Can you find any core and get back trace of it?
Katsuhiro Kondou

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