Tradspool recovery

Jeffrey M. Vinocur jeff at
Mon Jan 14 04:08:54 UTC 2002

So we had a kernel panic (not INN related), and usual tradspool got hosed.
I wiped overview and ran makehistory.  It proceeded to go into an infinite
loop in ov3.c at

    while (!GROUPLOCempty(loc)) {
        if (GROUPentries[loc.recno].deleted == 0) {
            if (memcmp(&grouphash, &GROUPentries[loc.recno].hash,
sizeof(HASH)) == 0) {
                return loc;
        loc = GROUPentries[loc.recno].next;

I have no idea what would cause this.  I'm currently wiping a bunch of
articles (like all of alt.*) and will see if it helps.  I don't think it's
gotten far enough that the size of the spool matters, though, so if anyone
has any thoughts...

Jeffrey M. Vinocur
jeff at

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